• Part 5

    The Robotman awakens..

    Awakening with a startle, armor coated with sweat,
    His eyes take in the setting and begin to reset.
    Rising to mechanical legs never before seen,
    Rushing to the end of the cave, muscles lax and lean.
    The sun reflects his coiling motors and features,
    The terrain warped and changed by these terrible creatures.
    “My journey begins here,” His words a whisper,
    The lines of reality combine and thoughts stop to occur.
    His ambition to the wind and eyes to the sky,
    Feet set in motion and dirt below doth complies.
    The ocean gives way to demons and fair shores,
    His motions and actions are written in future lore.
    The city ahead burns, no republic or jury,
    Rain falls down in heavy gash and never ending flurry.
    “Here begins the robot beginning of the robot end,”
    He begins to sprint, at the tail of the bend.
    Will he die or succeed? Does the success rate obtain?
    Circuits fall from his brains and his last thoughts remain.