• You hurt me
    I overreact
    that's who I am
    Learn to accept it
    If you want
    To learn
    To accept me

    I realize my wrong
    I almost always do
    I try to say
    That I'm sorry
    Then you push me away
    Before I get
    Even a single
    Word in

    Is it my fault
    That I smile
    Every waking moment
    Is it my fault
    That I love to laugh
    Is it my fault that I
    Am unnaturally

    Why are things my fault?
    Why does the world blame me?
    I hate this world
    I hate how it judges
    How it's never really
    "my fault"
    It's always
    "Their fault"

    Why are humans so stupid?
    So quick to judge
    So hard on each other
    So hateful
    So spiteful
    And yet
    How are they
    So wonderful?