• Take a step back
    Look into the mirror
    Gaze at the flesh and let it be a reminder
    I'm the one who gave so much
    And you're the one who kept complaining and wanting to fight
    I'm all about peace
    My soul is set on easy
    Don't take that fact and use it against me
    Why are we together if all you do is resent me?
    We've had so much bad
    And not enough good
    So let this be a simple reminder about the future that could
    I don't want to argue
    Please don't get mad
    But you're making everything so difficult
    We need a new plan
    I know I make everything seem okay
    But this smile is false
    Don't stab me in the back
    And then check my pulse
    This relationship was never concrete
    Were always about to part
    But as soon as we leave
    We stumble down and make a new start
    I guess that's why I'm called tolerant
    I'm the dictionary definition
    I always know when were about to fight
    Just call it a premonition
    I wish it wasn't like this
    I wish I could speak
    But as the days pass by
    I realize that I'm weak
    And when this all ends once again
    When we scream and punch
    When I'm pushed down and fall
    I'll realize that the love we had
    Was never that much