• I gave up my wings to be with you

    Once, I flew. I flew through the air more gracefull then the dragons. I swam through the clouds like a dophin at play. And I witnessed what most would have called heaven, but what I knew as a sunrise from above the clouds. Yes, at one point I had wings. They were gracefull, beautifull and strong. I would soar over everyone on my wings. And never did the earth bind me. I flew and laughed at it, mocking it, thinking it could never claim me, never could it steal me from my home, the sky. And than I meet you. You were a beauty, born from the earth itself. Your hair was the color of the chestnuts in the spring and it flowed like the waves in the sea. Your eyes were the color of the feilds and the pastures. Your skin was as smooth as the coats of the deer and as soft as the clouds I soared through. Each of your steps was more gracefull than the next. Your voice was sweet and tender like a rose. You were prefection in its finest form. I would circle above you, taking in all your beauty . You would look up, see me,and smile. You would beckon me down. I would lower myself, but never would my wings allow me to touch the ground. I would reach for you, but my wings only carried me farther from you. You would only smile and run after me as if we were two children playing a game. This alone brought a smile to my face. But after you would leave, I would curse my wings, curse them for not letting me near you. As the days past, and as my wings kept me from your touch, it soon became clear what must be done. And so the day came, when finally, I tore my own wings from my back. I cried out in pain, in angry and in sadness as the white of my wings was colored crimson. I threw them both to the ground, watching as the dust mixed with the blood. Then I limped away to you. You ran toward me, a look of horror on your face. I tripped and you caught me gently as I fell. You held me and spoke soft words in my ear. I smile gently, as you wiped the blood from my face and hands. You asked what happened, and when I told you*soft chuckle* I still remember your face and the shocked tone when you asked me why. And there was only one answer I could offer you that day.

    "To be with you...........I did it to be with you"

    I still remember that shocked expression melting into a sad but gently smile, the tears that suddenly welled in your eyes. You held and kissed me than, speaking loving words in my ear. At that point I knew. The Earth had finally claimed me. But here in your arms, I couldn't have cared in the slightest. For I gave up my wings...but for your heart, it truly was a small price to pay.