• I'm sorry for a thousand things
    Not sorry for my life
    I sorry you were filled with doubt
    Not sorry for my strife

    I'm sorry for the fight's I've caused
    Not for the ones that I'd not.
    I'm sorry for when I asked, you paused
    Not sorry that you're HOT.

    I'm sorry for the hate toward me
    Not for what I give back
    I'm sorry for the ones before me
    Not sorry I took their spot... lol.

    I'm so sorry If your feelings change
    because of what I've done
    Not sorry for how I react,
    I consider you my number one.... two

    I'm sorry for the feelings hurt
    And others were confused
    Not sorry for the love we made
    It's for our hearts to choose.

    I'm sorry we're so far apart
    Not sorry for it all
    I'm sorry that much time has lapsed
    Not sorry for how we fall

    I'm sorry for not being sorry
    For loving you; my life
    I'm sorry for the sorry ones
    Cause I'm the one who'll be your wife.