• twisted When Darkness Falls

    The lights go out and a tick tock of the clock magnifies 100x tick tock
    Back against the wall with flash light in hand
    Tap…tap a quick glance to the right in hopes of finding out wat that was
    But quickly turn back out of fears of actually knowing
    Hehehehe……cover the eyes and curl into a ball
    Wooooosh!!! Swift movement as if someone has just walked past
    Thump thump……. Heart beating at a million times per second
    gasp…….. sudden breathing down the neck
    gripping the flashlight tighter and tighter
    the decision to turn it on
    flick flick…….. it flickers but goes out
    closer and closer it becomes until finally
    blink! Swallowed in its mind
    mind spiraling out of control
    soft swayin back and forth before you are slowly dropped
    and the sun rises to illuminate the face
    and the happiness takes place of the fear
    the fear and the pain that springs upon you….
    When darkness falls