• This world seems to be different.
    i dont even know where i am sometimes.
    it would be day for a while.
    but then it turns night for hours.
    sadness and pain would run threw my veins.
    so much sorrow in this world i live in,
    it would give me so much emotions when i cant tell how i feel.
    i love this world but i think its giving me too much or too little.
    days would be different but today is depressing.
    so i ask myself , ":why me?"
    the sun will shine then it goes down.
    the moon will sparkle and it migth stay forever.
    light might fall
    and darkness might rise
    i will hide then ill defend.
    nothing in this world will hurt me.
    thats unless its hatred and regret.
    ive noticed one thing,
    its not the real world
    its a different world.