• remember when you were little,
    and you listened to stories
    like snow white,
    beauty and the beast,
    always wanting that happily ever after?

    remember when girls had cooties?
    and going near them
    was against "boy code" ?

    remember when girls rule
    boys drule
    boys go to jupiter
    to get more stupider
    and girls go to college
    to get more knowlege?

    remember when smoking
    was blowing candy from a pixie straw?

    remember when kisses,
    where the chocolate
    that everyone brought to lunch?

    remember when xoxo
    was just part
    of the alphabet?

    remember when a crush
    was the orange soda you drank
    called, " crush " ?

    remember when you thought "tv"
    was spelled tee- vee?
    and knowing it was spelled "tv"
    was the most amazing thing in the world?


    i remember
    i remember them very well,
    and i remember i wanted to grow up,
    become an adult like mommy and daddy,
    yeah, i WANTED to grow up....