• Shoot Me down I’m Begging You Please

    Are your words a ready weapon?
    Could your insults be bullets?
    Well let me grab a vest
    Because this time I’m gonna pull through it
    Can you hit me with your best shot?
    Show me your arsenal of pain
    No matter what you do with it ill be okay
    I’m so sick of running trying to get away
    This time I’m standing down so bring on the pain
    You can make it rain some bullets and bomb us from the sky
    But I willn't leave anymore and I’m too tired to god damn try
    We're ready for the end I’m ready to die because fear is taking over our minds
    Consuming us inside till there’s nothing left
    Not a single inking of other emotions maybe still there a drop at best
    And living without greater emotions isn’t having a ******** life it’s easier just to die
    So its time to beat us down bash our brain out .and stab us in the chest with your knives
    Just make this job is your best because if you don’t kill us we'll end up having to keep living the same
    Day by Day in that cold numbing phobia that nothing will ever change knowing that will never see the sun shine the same