• I grasp the handle of my blade
    It drips with the blood many have paid
    I am the predator of millions of pray
    More lives shall be gone by the end of the day
    I am the terror of a whole village raid
    I will vanquish any who fall to there aid
    Every one who stands before me will surely find themselves dead
    You'll know I was there when the rivers run red
    I have not rest there are no beds to have laid
    I burn everything and make their history fade
    "Who are you?!" They ask before they die
    Though they mean nothing to me their final question I dare not deny
    I am the keeper of souls In The Hells
    I am the darkness which cannot be expelled
    I am the one with many a name
    There is no way Ill be overcame
    You cannot trick me I have the Wits of Pan
    I am the evil and darkness of those you call man