• across the shimmering skys it flew
    dazling flashing the image grew
    floating ever softly down
    the faire queen with her crown
    about her glowed the evenings sun
    as the world turned the day was done
    she sighs and sits upon her throne
    wishing longing to see what she owned
    the worlds at peace
    for now atleast
    her realm is far beyound mans understanding
    the love she has is within standing
    long past are days she danced
    with no remorse she used to prance
    no the worlds are frought with peril
    with mans own might she has gone sterile
    no longer will she bring forth life
    men saw to that with their strife
    weep for this day all mortals here
    for the faire queen mab is dear
    to late it is to revie her once more
    now i ask you this what will there future have in store?