• He always walked on the same beach
    With the same girl, holding hands
    At the same most beautiful time

    How I wish I was that luck girl
    In the most handsome guys arms

    Why oh why cant I be her?
    I would love him more
    And I wouldn't hurt him in the end

    Like she will when a better guy comes
    And leave him without telling him
    But I will wait and watch

    Wait for her to make a mistake
    So then I can come and help heal
    Heal his broken heart

    To make him smile that beautiful smile
    To bring back the warmth in his eyes
    But meanly to make him happy again

    How I wish to be the girl in his arms
    To be the girl he says "I love you" too
    The one that hugs him good-bye

    How I wish.... to be her
    But all I am is the girl that can't say "Hi" too him
    And the one that runs the other way when she sees him coming

    I wish so hard for her to make a mistake
    To slit up and hurt him
    So I can come and help

    But thats never happens
    So I wait and watch
    Watch the most happiest couple

    I will always be there
    Just in cast one makes the mistake
    I will wait forever if I need too

    So for now I will sit,
    Watch the most beautiful couple,
    And continue to hope