• Sometimes i feel very down,
    and i want to give it all up.
    knowing that would be a waist,
    because i’m so close to the top.
    Still i feel like a failure,
    i just want the pain to end.
    I’m so darn tired,
    of the hard position where i stand.
    Nobody understands me,
    i’m feeling so damn forced.
    Carrying everybody’s problems,
    like i’m some kind of a horse.
    Don’t get me wrong,
    i’m willing to hear people out.
    But when will somebody think of me?
    I feel crying really loud.
    My motto in life is: ‘Always Stay Strong.’
    No matter what happens,
    i must keep pushing on.
    I wish people thanked me,
    instead of taking my efforts so light.
    From now on i promise myself,
    all this wrong i will make right.
    I’m going to better,
    and i know i have to sacrifice.
    But that’s what i’ll do,
    to live a much happier life.
    I am a child with a gift,
    i will fight to make it stay.
    No one can take it from me,
    Only God can make it go away.
    Through all ups and downs,
    and even when i feel hate…
    I never, ever forgot,
    to keep on having Faith.