• How I feel right now.
    Trapped, Cold, Alone.
    Miserable, upset.
    Heartbroken, used.
    Opened up.
    And slowly taken apart.
    Laughed at, mocked.
    Behind my back.
    People I thought
    I could love
    And trust.
    Hurt me the most.
    Learning from another
    Friend about it.
    Hurts worse.
    Cause you know.
    You can trust them.
    My stomach
    Feels like it’s about
    To blow me up
    Inside to out.
    Why did you
    Have to leave
    Me so sad
    And broken.
    Used is probably
    The worst feeling
    You can feel.
    Being used by your
    Best friend is worse.
    So here I sit.
    Writing this poem.
    With my computer
    On my lap.
    Sitting here.
    Feeling like.