• I feel like taking a sip from life's glory bottle
    feel like flippin my heart from a room to a hotel
    am done with loving one person...when that person keeps on movin
    I don’t know if its luck that is so bad...or is it me choosing
    Every time I smile at life...and think that I’ve found my wife
    It turns out to be...a dream...mirage
    That I kept on following for years
    And it's given me back were tears
    I don't know whom to blame...was it me?? Them??
    Lost in the nothingness...I’ve seen on my own
    They say all players lose all points
    I do agree on that with some picks and joints
    They never said that players turn into lovers
    Fall in love become so weak and weakness uncovers
    To the naked eye of a woman that loves him
    Kills him like he killed tons of them
    Revenge taken by one...for many
    But it's hard for a gigolo to cry...
    But one woman...can break his heart...and make him fall on knees
    As he begs his god his luck his love please
    How ironic life is...
    When you hurt u never get hurt
    But the second you decide to love...
    All you get is sorrow...
    Forgetting your glory of Yesterday...scared of the days of tomorrow
    How sad it is...to see someone so strong in looks
    And inside...
    His sanity is Volatile......
    Like a deck of dominos
    Put into rows...
    Feel and look so great and strong...
    And all it takes is a simple touch to break it all down
    Or a wind of change...
    That takes the dreams...down the drain