• You leave with the determination
    You will return strong
    Pain surrounds and fills my heart
    My sense of right and wrong

    You take part of me with you
    the rest, culled
    Even though I knew
    I still fight the truth
    Am I right to do so?

    My world dark
    My light gone
    I just need a spark
    But my sight remains forgone

    You return
    Like you never left
    Still I yearn
    Why am I so bereft?

    You kept your promise
    You strengthened
    You return with braveness
    Yet Istill feel unsettled

    You appearance seemed unchanged
    But your smile
    Your smile holds pain caged
    Your heart pile
    With scars of sadness

    You return the rest of me
    And something more
    I hesitate to spree
    You, more distant than before
    I reach and fail to get a hold

    I agree
    You have returned
    You are strong to some great degree
    But this discern
    It has left me more alone

    I don't regret it
    You can help those in need
    I admit
    But don't forget about me

    If trouble ever pass
    Come back to my arms
    And we will surpass the way of harm
    And we will last