• The unsaid words linger between them,
    A love so strong,
    Yet still so simple.
    Words can never explain how she feels for him,
    There's not enough roses in the world for him to give her.
    It's been so long since the beginning,
    Starting just as friends,
    Evolving into something that can never be broken.
    It's hard to understand how complicated this really is,
    Butterflies still fluttering in her stomach when his skin meets hers,
    He still gets that feeling whenever he sees her.
    Their friends all stare,
    Say that this is just not right,
    Try to break them up.
    Their families don't approve,
    "He's not the one for you, find someone else"
    "She's not good enough for you".
    But still, late nights they spend together,
    Never wanting to part,
    Never wanting that last kiss goodbye,
    Never wanting to say the words goodbye.
    She wants to let him know, how she feels about him,
    He's frightened she'll run away if he says what he needs so bad to say.
    Still fighting for their relationship,
    They continue to see each other while their friends and families object.
    It isn't possible there was ever a love this strong,
    The flames in her heart burning brighter than ever,
    He wants so badly to tell her.
    Then the night of their three year anniversary,
    Layed out beneath the stars,
    Her head on his chest,
    His hands in her hair.
    "I have something I really want to tell you" he says.
    To which she replies, "I too, have something that you need to know"
    He tilted her chin up and kissed her softly on her lips,
    "At the same time?" he asked.
    And simultaneously;
    I Love You.
    It was then that they both agreed on forever.
    Nothing would ever come between them, especially not now,
    He was sure this was how he felt.
    After all, three years is a long time to wait,
    To say three words.