• When the rain falls down
    And the clouds roll in
    I sit there
    Wondering where the light has gone

    In a darkened world
    Feeling all alone
    Who will be light,
    The light that sets me free
    From this eternity of gloom

    I sit in my chair
    Watching the rain
    Listening to it pitter patter on my window sill
    On and on
    And on...
    And on.......

    I walk over to my bed
    Thinking of light
    Is there really light at all?
    As I lie down I feel as if I'm drowning,
    Drowning in my own sweet sorrow
    Wishing sleep would wash over me
    So I could escape this nightmare

    No sleep came.
    No escape came.
    No hope came.
    I tossed and turned for hours and still,
    Nothing came

    Looking out the window I get up
    Seeking the door handle until my hand has found it
    Turning and tugging the door opens

    My eyes wide
    I stepped out
    Feeling each raindrop soak into me

    The rain feels soothing.
    I took off running like the wind
    Realizing the light wasn't gone
    It was trapped inside of me all along
    And for the first time in what seemed like forever
    I felt Happy.