• the touch of your skin
    the smell of your hair
    the look on your face,
    the way u say,
    hey how ya doin?
    when i see u walk
    when i see u talk,
    the sound of your voice
    when your talkin to me
    makes me die
    a lil inside,
    everytime i see u
    everytime i hear u
    everytime u walk by
    i die a lil more inside
    the taste of your blood
    is hard to resist
    if i could tell u now
    just how i feel
    i wouldnt take a second to thnk about it,
    id walk a mile
    id fight for you
    id risk it all
    just to be with you,
    here all the time
    whenever u need me
    im always right here
    so dont hesitate
    to call out my name