• Life is a blackberry bush.
    Sometimes it gives you berries
    But a lot of the time,

    The blackberries of life are cheeful.
    But will they last?

    The thorns are sharp
    And anything can set them off

    But do the berries sometimes cause the thorns?
    Can the berries set them off just as easily as anything else?
    Is joy the real cause of pain?

    On the other hand
    Do you sometimes have to go through the thorns to get the berries?
    Could pain be the real cause of joy?

    And what happens when the berries are all gone?
    When will they grow back?
    Why not now?

    The truth is
    Blackberries take time if you wait for them to grow
    But if you stop closing your eyes
    And take a look at the world,
    Happiness is everywhere.
    Around you sometimes
    But most of the time,
    Inside of your heart