• one last embrace

    the rain pelted my ivory skin
    as my lifeless lips turned to the oppostire of a grin
    my love was smeard all over the brick wall
    shaken at what i had done i fall
    tears fall from my eys
    and hit the ground next to where he now lies
    i sit unmoving like the body beside me
    another soul is free
    but he didn't take me
    i glare at the wall once more deffinetly not in glee
    my eyes stare aimlessly at the organs and blood
    knowing it'll never be mistaken for mud
    i cry into his eyes, which i hold in my hand
    the blue iris once beautiful and grand
    in his face are two bloody holes
    in his chest another given the sight of moles
    i lift my hand and caress his face
    then hold him close for one last embrace