• The moon is out,
    glowing up above.
    The fireflies hum
    blinking lights of love.

    I lay in a garden
    in a wonderful dream.
    One that makes my life
    perfect and serene.

    I take your hand,
    I will take this chance.
    On this night in a garden;
    for an angel's romance.

    The stars twinkle above.
    My heart finally feels right.
    Dancing with you,
    by the fireflies light.

    So will you dance with me,
    will we be finally be together?
    Because I want to be here with you,
    and share this love forever.

    The music is flowing through us,
    we hold each other close.
    We feel each others hearts a'beating,
    a feeling I love the most.

    Even when the storms blow in,
    when life weighs down your mind.
    I will lift you up from it,
    for the love you've helped reside.

    Even when you begin to fade
    and fate whispers in your ear.
    Know that I am always with you,
    that my heart is always near.

    I'll come to you and hold you close.
    Our hearts will beat as one.
    Ill always be here just for you,
    with my heart burning 'bright as the sun.

    And In the crawling darkness,
    I shall bring you shining light.
    Just like the glowing fireflies,
    that we dance to this wonderful night.

    But tonight nothing else matters,
    nothing but you and me.
    As we dance together prefect,
    as we set our hearts so free.

    The music's flowing through us now,
    this feelings feels so right.
    Together we dance this serenade,
    under the pure moon's light.