• In this land nothing roams free
    All chained and barred by my own pure will
    This place is death in its greatest form
    Raining torment on all who breathe
    Oh, wondrous beauty
    Oh, sparkling death
    Dance, dance with me
    This land is my home and you reign here in power
    Shining blood rustic red within night’s silhouette
    Dancing will gallant grace throughout the far seas
    Whispering notes of pure insanity
    This place is where we dance
    Bring longing into the death of night
    Oh, shine never more life giving sun
    May only death reign in night
    Let these rivers flow red
    Turning the oceans to blood
    Oh, let them all come to end
    In this graceful dance we play, bringing death to all who stay
    Oh, shine in the blood dripping moon
    Oh, shine forever in this long night
    Take my hands and dance and sing into our lives’ depart
    May nothing be left that breathes in our eternal night