• Without your fragrance I can't rest
    Without your breathing I can't sleep
    Without your pretty eyes I can't see in front of myself
    Without a word you went far away from me

    If you reach out your hand I'll do it all over again
    If you say a single word I will cry all over again
    If you kiss me I can wake up again
    But if you leave I won't be able to see you again

    I hate to think of you with another man
    I am waiting, believing that you will come back to me

    You are still the only one for me
    I would die without you
    I won't let you go
    Tell me why, why baby
    I won't need to give up much
    If you are just beside me
    I just won't let you leave me
    Tell me why,
    Why I just can't live Without You

    You and I will were together tonight
    In all those letters which you wrote to me
    Your smiling face in the photos
    I look so forlorn without you

    Those sad love songs which you enjoyed me singing
    Those stars high in the sky which we gazed at together
    Won't you come back to this heart of mine?
    If it is really over I should forget about you
    But I will still be waiting for you here

    In my heart I hear your breath for a bit
    It fills the empty spot which you left
    Why did you leave so suddenly?
    Sometimes that fills my thoughts
    I don't hate you, rather I love you
    My future is tied up in yours
    I'm sure you'll come back
    I know I'm a fool for feeling this way, but that's the way my heart is
    I'm sincere about the way that I feel
    White clouds will cover the sky
    If I can just convey to you that I will always be waiting for you
    This waiting is so tough
    But no matter how tired I may be
    My love for you will never end
    Forever, until the next world...