• One whisper is all it would take
    From you to make my knee quake
    Two hands to hold in mine
    Fingers intertwined through all time
    Three words only from you i want to hear
    Whether your far away or near
    Four of us you and me
    With the out 2.5 type of family
    Five times a million that’s how long we will be
    Cause we're the next jack and sally
    Six in the morning still waking to thee
    Even when were old but hopefully not wrinkly
    Seven days ill be with you in a week
    24 hours you'll have to spend with me in each
    Eight counts my heart will skip when i look you in the eye
    You’ll always take my breath away even when you don’t try
    Nine glomps or more each and everyday
    Especially when I’m saying hey
    Ten times + i smiled at this screen as i wrote this cheesy poem
    Wondering if you were thinking of me
    Written To: Nothing Better by The Postal Service