• Now look at me my grave is too deep.
    This life I live is catching up to me.
    I realize now what is left to do.

    The fighting needs to stop.
    And the senseless violence.

    Looking at days unnumbered.
    Watching children as they slumber.

    Peace is all we need.
    Now I turn back and think of the pain I caused.
    If I could I would've never done it.

    The guilt it weighs me down.
    Making me drown.
    As I look around I finally realize.

    We are all sad clowns.
    Laughing at each other.
    The pain we cause kills all inside.

    Only the cold and heartless survive.
    The lies I live are all never-ending.
    Burying me.

    My lies eat me inside.
    They kill me.
    It pains me to say so but I am a fake.

    My smiles are fake.
    I lie to hide my pain.
    I am a fake.

    I wish I never started this chain.
    But I am a lie.
    Even my family is a lie.

    The honest working man is a fake.
    The single mother is a fake.
    The sons and the daughters of them are all fakes.

    In retrospect the world is fake.
    From the men and women to the news and "tragedies."
    Our history for all we know is an embellishment.

    Their is no truth.
    No peace.
    Peace is a lie.

    Only in the imagination of dreamers.
    They say we have the people's government.
    That is a lie.

    We have no hand in anything.
    This war.
    And this depression.

    We are all fakes.
    Our countries.
    Even our world.