• When I think of you my mind goes white
    With the feathers of angels and doves alike

    When I think of you, my heart becomes pure
    My soul becomes strong, any pain is endured

    When I look at you, my heart glows
    It will forever be thankful, for the love yours bestows.

    I look into your eyes to see every emotion inside.
    I see every memory; all the love that resides.

    I see everything, though; I see a well of worries too
    But fear not love’s death for it always renews.

    Inside there's a sanctuary, a sanctuary from harm
    A place safe from fate , in each other’s arms

    The sanctuary built strong, high and tough
    Just as our love, its strength's always enough

    It is a peaceful place with flowers and color
    A place where we can stay, and just love one another

    The raindrops fall, from the rolling clouds up high;
    They fall one by one, children from the mother sky.

    Each one a hope, each one a faith; our love will never die
    Our hearts are one; together they beat, in the world inside your eye

    Surrounded by arches of green and brown;
    I see passion’s fire burning, so quiet, so sound.

    A waltz of green, a melody of color, a dance of a calming pace
    They move to the rhythm, blending to one, in this eye, on your pretty face

    They dance around the burning fire,
    It rages on to the maidens’ desire

    Inside your eyes, I can see your love alive
    I can see a reflection, of my very own eye.