• Living in the shadows I stay a stray
    Straying from society I wonder,
    Wonder away, hoping I will learn
    Learn the lessons on life,
    Life is dark, always fighting
    Fighting for what’s “right”
    Right? This is not people
    People should learn
    Learn what I have learned
    I live in the shadows.
    Hiding away from life
    Scared of change
    Changing every day
    I don’t know what to do
    Making myself a stray
    I have suddenly lost my way
    What to do?
    Soon we will fall down on our knees
    and whisper, "Why"?
    Why do we do what we do?
    Live our life in shame and hate
    I want this to come to an end
    I want it to stop.
    Stop all the fighting
    Fighting hurts, not only you but everyone around you
    Now I whisper. “please stop the fight”
    Though I know.. Know that it will never stop.