• My life falls to the beat of a card; I live for the thrills, the gills, and even the hills.
    All my life I’ve lived in the now, the present is best, I would always say.
    Yet there it was, always looming over me, beside me, and even under me.
    The ever-drowning expectations of them,
    The government, the family, and even my friends,
    They expect too much for one so small, I yelled as I fell.

    My life falls to the beat of a lie, word for word, rhyme for rhyme,
    People called my name as if I was a super hero.
    But I’m not that, I’m a lie, a sham, a joker in disguise.
    Don’t call my name, don’t speak my word,
    I hide in the shadows, of my ever-deepening lie.

    My life falls to the beat of death, one by one, two by two,
    I’ve killed so many I’ve lost of all of the sorrow I have caused.
    Catch me, call me, defeat my purpose,
    But one day,
    My life will come into view, as a card dropping from the sky.