• 1/8/09 “Run Away To Memories” By: Brandon K. McLemore

    I love you so much so please don’t tell me you’re going home soon.
    Instead stay with me, you are special to me.
    I wanna run off some were with you and leave everything else behind.
    I wanna go back to that on summer day, ever on the grass against each other we lay.
    The wind blowing caresently through your soft hair, feelings of love and lust filled the air.
    Your shin so tender and pure, just one kiss opened the door.
    Your body so warm and suddle, in the sun we gently cuddle.
    To me sweet words you whisper, you always were a good kisser.
    Thinking of you makes me smile, hating you this will be denile.
    You always are my days lover, the shyness in you I now uncover.
    Like then I meet the days end, our love and your heart I will defend.
    Your life and soul you would so wilingly give, for you I would end what I live.
    Never again Lucia will I leave you alone, pushed up apon you do you pleasurably moan.
    I give you my love and take some for myself, being with you now to me is my only wealth.
    But now it’s time to go, to stay I want this so.
    The light now left dark, soon I’ll be alone in this park.
    We part with sweet words and a passionate kiss, the taste of your lips with you in my arms I will miss.
    I love you so much, you say forever in love is such.
    Gone today wait till tomarrow, till then I’m waitting in sorrow.