• Shooting stars and lighting shots
    All across the sky.
    The stars shine bright,
    The lightning gleams
    All throughout my night.

    I glance up high
    To touch the sky.
    And end with dirt in my mouth.
    The gleaming stars
    Are just too high
    For any mortal to reach.

    I wish I may,
    I wish I might
    Just grant this wish
    I wish tonight.
    To just this once
    Be something more
    So I can touch the sky.

    To glide up there
    On lightning bolts
    And not worry about a burn.
    To reach out far
    And touch my star.
    Just to be...not real.

    But here I stand,
    Looking up,
    And dreaming of what could be.
    If I was not a normal girl.
    But instead the Thunder Queen.