• Close your eyes and drift off
    Go into the world of never-to-be's
    Fly away from the world of yesterdays
    And empty your head of tomorrows.
    Just sleep, sleep, sleep tonight
    As the snow falls to the ground.
    Just sleep my precious, lovely friend
    For soon you'll be up once more.

    May it be nightmares
    Or may it be sweetness
    Sleep sleep in your little world.
    If you cry out
    I'll be there in an instant
    Sleep, sleep, my love.
    I'm here to catch you
    When you world spits you out
    I'm here to follow you
    Into the dark.

    Just sleep, sleep, sleep all night.
    Sleep sleep till you're better.
    And when you wake
    You won't be afraid
    Of starting all over today.