• I'm thinking I'm thinking
    what can it be, what can I see, whats wrong with me
    this is what I dooo, I can't just stop to be with you
    its not like I take it
    the other way around
    your mistaken meee for somone that I just can't be
    somone that can be the one
    to take the time and sing a song
    the kinda of song that I can't sing
    the thing tares me up inside
    is the fact that you tryed to hide, from the truth
    the truth that I'm just not right for you
    the turth, that can set you free,
    the truth that leads you away from me
    I'm sorry, I'm sorry
    this isn't, the way I wanted it
    the way that stops the pain, the way that ends without a plain
    The way I take it its just to much to bare
    but this is how we say good bye
    so I'm sorry I know it doesn't stop the pain, but I want to say
    that the time I've had, can never be replaced
    and next time I'll start thinking and I'll ask myself how this went wrong
    I'll say what can it be that tore you from me
    and we'll both remember how it felt to be....with....each other