• In the beginning God created man's companion,
    A being from his side who was breathed with life's gift,
    In the beginning of time long ago,
    She was named Eve.

    When God banished man from the garden of Eden,
    Curse laid before them,
    God gave the woman the pain of child birth,
    As the sign of repentance for the deed she committed.

    The snake she crushes on her heel,
    Each time she felt that pain,
    The hard laboring hours of standing on death's doorstep,
    She conquered all with the birth of a new life.

    She maybe naive yet cunning,
    Obedient yet a rebel,
    A woman may care for a house hold to prosper and reap,
    Yet a woman can destroy the most fragile glass house family.

    She have had many faces,
    All too familiar to us,
    She could both be the perfect ally,
    Or the most hidden any amongst us.

    A woman, a mother, a child,
    A sister, a friend or the most special someone,
    They wore the face of Eve as the others before them,
    All the faces we know we love,
    For the life they have given.