• Never There...

    Hello, hello? Can you hear me now?
    You need to because this is something I cannot allow

    Through this daze I found out that there’s not more time to wait
    This topic isn’t up for a debate

    Never there, never did you care
    Not there is something that we can never repair

    After this time I’ll say good-bye
    Nor shall I wait for your reply

    Never there, were you ever?
    Not there, this is something I would have thought ever

    Photo album spread on the bedroom floor
    I realize that I was someone you would always ignore

    Never there, just a thing of the past
    Not there, what happened will end at last

    I can’t say I’m sad to see you go
    Although there’s something you should know

    Never were you there when I needed you
    Only did you come when you were going do something untrue

    I guess you were never there.