• Mom, I hate you. You ******** lied.
    I can't believe you actually died.
    You weren't allowed, we both agreed,
    Neither of us were ******** allowed to leave.
    You needed to stay to help with my brother.
    And I need you. We needed each other.
    I'm so horrible you would rather die
    I took everything away so you wouldn't try?
    You told me I'm your blood, you would choose me over him,
    Yet, in the end, I still couldn't win.
    You chose me over him and death over me.
    You were so ******** blind as not to see,
    How much I yearned for you to care,
    How dead I was because you couldn't bear
    To be my mom just once in awhile
    Tell me you love me and maybe even smile.
    I hate your guts and want your hug,
    I want in your lap and want to be snug,
    I want to hit you and scream "What were you thinking!"
    But I can't. And I'm eternally sinking.
    I hate you. I love you. I wish you would die.
    The irony in this makes me smile and cry.
    It was him who actually told me you were dead
    I fell to the road and grabbed my head
    I screamed "No" loud and long,
    In the moment I was no amount of strong.
    I must've been a sight for my best friend to view
    But I didn't care, I wanted you.
    It's almost been 48 hours now
    I've made it so far- no clue how.
    I wrote because I have something to say,
    Happy ******** Mother's Day.