• Angel OF Night

    Abandoned and shunned, you could not be saved

    Alone in your mind you were enslaved

    Thrown into darkness, shadows of fear

    Staring into this shattered mirror

    Do you not see it? Do you not know?

    Distorted and changed from that girl long ago

    Never held in the arms of someone you loved

    Used and unwanted, to the side you were shoved

    The few that loved you and wanted you near,

    You pushed them away in sorrow and fear

    Growing in hatred, growing alone

    Never a place that you could call home

    Secretly hated in the world that you rule

    The one you hold dearest you treated so cruel

    The one that could love you, you sent away crying

    You lie in your bed and laugh as you’re dying

    You hide in your corner, so twisted and broken

    Replaying the few kind words that he’d spoken

    With blood on your hands, and tears in your eyes

    Quietly awaiting your own demise

    You knew he could love, cherish and save you

    But instead you allowed the darkness enslave you

    You crushed his spirit and tore him apart

    Yet he still has a prayer for you in his heart

    “How can I save you, my Angel of Night?

    How can I make your bitter heart right?

    I will save your soul, so broken and lonely

    I will be your savior, my Angel, my only.”
    </3 -Joanna