• A broken heart,
    a story told.
    All torn apart,
    no hand to hold.

    No love in life,
    no helping hand.
    No calling wife,
    nobody to understand.

    Lone to wander,
    alone with fate.
    Lone to ponder,
    alone to wait.

    Confessing my sins,
    to myself alone.
    My flesh wins,
    and cuts to my bone.

    Music to my ears,
    my soul is complete.
    Noise to feed my fears,
    like glass to my feet.

    With every wrong,
    my condemnation flows.
    With a depressing song,
    my whole being crows.

    Nobody lets me light the way,
    nobody wants to hear me preach.
    They don't listen to a word I say,
    They only stop me and teach.

    It's hard to figure out,
    what to do in my life.
    When there is even a doubt,
    of even finding a wife.

    I lead a life of ruin,
    without a light of hope.
    The storms of life are brewin',
    and yet all that I can do is mope.
    I must cut my loss,
    and stop living this lie.
    I must pick up my cross,
    and live for the day I die.

    In my eyes is a fire,
    how could I lose my way?
    To slip behind the wire,
    and seek out the dark of day.

    Though I used to be full,
    I am suffering in guilt.
    As a gentle grav'ty pull,
    like a soft flower I wilt.

    I long to be a child,
    to have limitations as the sky.
    But my falling isn't mild,
    and I'm left here wandering why.

    Please take me to jail,
    for I know I'm a fake.
    Give me no bail,
    bind me for justice sake.

    I know no word that I say,
    can't fix what I've done wrong.
    Everyone gets in the way,
    while I sing my lonely song.

    Opened up for all to see,
    my spirit becoming the Void.
    Nothing that you say can help me,
    now that my spirit is destroyed.

    Alone in a city,
    losing sanity at a fast rate.
    I don't deserve your pity,
    I only deserve your hate.

    I long for the end,
    when I will go beyond the stars.
    Oh I long for a friend,
    to free me from these bars.

    I don't know what to do,
    my life is such a wreck.
    I want to start anew,
    so that I may lift my neck.

    I wish I could see his glory,
    and how I long to be free.
    But still there is a story,
    of the enemy inside of me.

    Anywhere but here,
    a soul to be-rid.
    A life of fear,
    of all that I did.

    Of all that I have done,
    the good things are adored.
    I just watch the setting sun,
    and talk to Christ my Lord.