• "...ade in, f...de in ...de in, fade in. Can you hea..."

    Cold cut connection broken down
    upon the merciless life brow
    Before we ever met
    this connection soaking wet

    Dry me off and wipe me clean
    Reconnect the existence
    Purchase my resistance
    Feigning superstition

    Oh dearest cherub ride my skies
    Point out all your virtues
    In your hazel-green eyes

    And smile my way just once
    Kissing the air
    That touch I've waited for months

    "...ed me? Can you read me? Come in! Come in! Co..."

    The stereo changes channels on its own
    I've no control over it at all
    You turn the knob and twist the fate
    With your love I can procreate

    Diligent guardian, I'd sell my eyes just to hold when you sit and cry.
    Enigmatic consort, I'd trade my arms, so I could keep you safe from harm
    Eternal lover, id give my voice to you to use within your choice

    You are my tie, the bound so high I'm wound in you so few lines connect me to the outer world. Oh yes, this is the test, test of wills, battle for lover's hill. No war is waged inside my stage, you are the prize, seize the skies, and in your eyes, I find what I mind and I sear the skin, and new begin connect the end. You are the end, my ultimate goal. My only soul, the mate so whole.

    "..think it is coming in clearer now. I think I am getting readings. Signs of life, Jo..."

    Don't stop now, we'll win somehow! Join hands and demand that together to bow.
    I'll plead your case, and pain erase for you the guardian of my heart.
    What ails you, love, I've had enough of the tears that mark your face when life loses its complacency. Damn these ills, what purpose do they fill? Useless retribution without defining resolution.

    "Looks like there is a body lying on the ground! There is a note in its hand. Pi..."

    And in these storms, the calm I present to you, the eye, the martyr, the father of our future, the mother, my lover, oh shine and don't stutter. Think of our future, together we'll weather the ocean of sadness and break from this madness. This is my will and testament, to you my only I shall repent, for the mistakes when made from all walks of entrance, their sins for I have paid. Cast beyond the pain filled wall, to you, my lover Katie, I offer my all. Don't ever stop your forward march, feel in your back, lover's contributed arch...

    "Here it is. What does it say? Let me read it... "Our...""

    Our passion, our future, our defense from this torture, is a dual key, our chance to be free. I'll lead and you follow, my words aren't hollow. I promise now, while in my lungs breath can flow, I would trade away my happiness just so you could smile. Our tomorrow isn't crisis, just turn my heart's dial. Forever, your lover, never another. I am yours for eternity, graced by your love for me, your eyes are all I see, when I wake from amnesty.

    What happens in your life, this dual finite strife, won't hinder my unconditional care for you, my dear, so stare into my mind, and the answer you will find, is that you are free inside of me. If you call out I will answer, play me I'm the dancer, keep calling and calling and ringing, I'll catch you when your falling. Our hearts as one will be singing. You have connected me to you. If this link were to sever, my life would be through. The picture is clear, the waves are coming through, the song I can hear, it's coming from you.

    I love you. Always and forever.

    "Poor chap is a goner. Deader if I ever saw it. What's the prognosis, doc? Well, I'd say it was deprivation. Deprivation from what? I couldn't say, dear fellow. But the most peculiar thing happened when I checked his heart beat..."

    As I sit here and carve my days I wish to forever with you remain. I want that family with you somewhere off into the future. I feel my bones begin to crack, they aren't hurt they are just calling you back. Return to me, make that page, establish the connection and refuel my soul with your protection. It is so cold without you...

    "what's that? Well, when I checked his heart, I heard what I believe is a radio broadcast. From his heart? What did it say?"

    I love you!
    I love you!
    I love you!
    I love you!