• I walk outside facing the rain,
    then wind then blew,
    and the rain acted vain,
    it flipped and twirled,
    and did funny swirls,
    as if they were playing a game,
    it flipped like waves,
    they did what the wind told them to do,
    the wind pushed them left,
    they moved left,
    almost like slaves,

    it reminded me of the times,
    when i used to play with dimes,
    flicked them with my thumb,
    and they would run,
    it was like they were scared,
    but it was really just force,
    that made them push up,
    and gravity, to fall back to it's beginning source,
    it was like THEY were slaves,
    and they listened to me,
    when i said jump, they jumped,
    when i said breath, they'd breath,
    even wind controls the trees,
    and the leaves,
    and the flowers,
    every single day and hour,
    the wind is one of nature's biggest powers,
    because it's found everywhere.

    so there i was, face the rain,
    so is really that vain?
    they're forced to do it, it's no game,
    that's what I think,
    when I'm facing the rain.