• 5/19/09 “Moment” By: Brandon McLemore
    Cold where I stand, fallen on lover’s land
    Bold in my thought, to lay down I was told with kindness brought
    Fear found with rest, caress you everywere in this test
    Scared when I talk, wanting to do something that was dared but dark
    Force into you, taking a step fallowed your course I do
    Whisper in so tight, such a soft taste from a kisser brings light
    Fill up your wish, rested on me with grace set still with bliss
    Care for you in eternity, in your arms bare with clearity
    Strife from my worries, you’re my life the beginning of the stories
    Dream always of this night, in love it would seem cause it feels alright
    Stay with you forever, today with this I’ll leave you never
    Fight them off to the death, you in sight takes my breath
    Peek through your heart, seek us out this feeling will not part
    Deal with pain, feel a vain. No blood stain let flood the lane.
    Seep in my core, deep in first its sore
    Love this touch, above me in beauty such
    With great passion thrust much, in a shy fassion pull the clutch
    Cross great seas to reach you, on my knees falling blood mourning dew
    Alone for you in stone for you
    Kill for you thrill for you
    Fall in you, crawl to you. Only for you, lonely without you.
    You invade me with your emotions coursing through my bloodstream. Cries no more my baby girl, sighs and torn my mind in a twirl. Holding on tightly and folding up steadly. Soft gentlness in you lost happyness. Bringing it out with words, finding this out were alined by chords. Far in the stars there is a part of me that dies. You bring forth from the dead these emotions deep within my soul.