• Please don’t leave me behind.

    I heard you came back for me,
    You searched everywhere, but couldn’t find a trace of me,
    You wanted to keep me in your life,
    But something just kept us apart.

    You cried upstairs in your bedroom,
    Waiting for me to come say goodbye,
    But nothing happened,
    I couldn’t find you and I was running out of time.

    You wanted things to go back to the way they were,
    Like last year when we were together,
    I never had to think,
    “Please don’t leave me behind.”

    You grab your things and walk out the door,
    But you didn’t look back for a second.
    I finally found you in the back seat of your car,
    Pulling out of your drive way I saw you leaving.

    I stared for a while as your car left,
    But I knew I couldn’t let this end,
    So I ran as fast as I could,
    When I caught up to your car you looked at me,

    Your face was filled with joy,
    You told your parents to stop the car,
    I opened the door, and said
    “Please don’t leave me behind.”

    You told me once more,
    That you had to leave,
    But I really couldn’t take it,
    So I turned so you didn’t have to see me cry.

    As your car engine started up again,
    I knew you were leaving,
    So I said “I will always love you.”
    You said it back, and drove away.

    These thoughts ran through my head,
    Please don’t leave me behind.
    Please don’t leave me behind.
    Please don’t leave me behind.

    - Kevin Daniel Clarke