• Part 1:
    Fighting for you
    Isn't fair.
    Looks, Depression, no one cares
    But below me
    Is this girl
    Who could have
    One day
    Rocked your world

    I wanted you
    I wanted us
    To be Together
    Never Broken
    But broken’s what we are
    When Did we come apart

    Part 2:
    Why did you fade away
    Happiness has flown away
    You will never see
    This truth inside of me
    What I want to say
    I feel so betrayed(x2)


    Part 3:
    I stood there waiting, wondering.
    Hopes, fading, misery
    Everything I turned down.
    There’s darkness all around
    Together never
    I fall forever…..

    Moments of love
    Could never last
    The truth inside of me
    You will never see

    I wanted you
    I wanted us
    Never Broken
    Together forever
    But broken’s what we ….