• here we go

    Oh, youre here, youre here!
    Tonight, well be showing
    The sad fate that some of this world carry
    Children that God has abandoned, restlessly creeping out
    Children who cant even carry the trembling limbs they were born with
    Their shaking tongues even accidentally cry out
    The crowns of their head that caress the dark clouds
    They smile as they dream of their mothers embrace
    Oh, the deformity!
    Drop by and see him
    Drop by and see him

    Deep into the forest, far far in the back that way
    There is a circus
    The chairman with the big eyes
    and ten meters tall
    All of the cast is jolly
    Their forms are rather strange
    but its so fun!
    the Dark Woods Circus

    One with two heads
    A deformed diva
    A blue beast that loves to eat things cold

    Does anyone wish that I were alive, so undesirable I am in this body?
    Why do you look at me like that?
    Why do you look at me like that?

    Its painful, its painful, and it cant be helped
    She said it
    but still, we continue this circus

    It's fun, so fun!
    This circus is so fun
    Rotten fruit, to dissolve my eyes
    My skin festers, reflected on my eyes

    I want to die, want to die
    Get me out of here, please
    It is impossible for anyone to say and feel

    The body is distorted in order to bend to that twisted figure
    To crawl on the illuminated street with paper lanterns
    Everyone knows the feeling of walking down the street
    This child has to cower alone
    I guess the shadows reach long
    But the friends that talk have their waists aligned
    You are later and before and by yourself
    Oh, youre here, youre here!
    Drop by and see him
    Drop by and see him
    (Drop by, to the Dark Woods)