• Horror flashes brightly in my eyes
    For what I have become.
    Is this my horrid fate?
    To become what i have feared?
    Was I once like this creture?
    Supporting all that was good?
    Bearing a Pure mind,soul,and heart?
    This is my cruel demise.
    For the devil,I must bear a heavy Burdun of guilt,shame,and Hatred.
    Her beautiful wings discarded into the mouth of a monster.
    The monster known as my bretheren.
    I hold her broken body in my hands.
    Her once magnificent Ivory skin now pitch white,as a dead persons.
    Her once flouncy Onyx curls beginning to grow limp.
    Her gorgeous gown so silky and luxurious to hold now turn corse.
    Worst of all,her beautifull golden,raidient eyes now concealed forever.
    My memory flows back,and now I know why she was so familiar.
    Why must it be her?Why her?Oh,Devil,why her?
    Hadnt I once gave myself up for this destiny to...protect her?
    Hadn't I,In my human form,asked for her hand?
    After the accident,hadnt we become Angels together,to have you take me to become a demon?
    She shall Be Avenged.
    I will set out on a path away from you.
    For the only reason I was here Is Destroyed Permanently by my own hand because of you?
    She Shall be Avenged.And shall meet her Fate.