• A life that's weary,
    a soul without rest.
    Everyday tried,
    a punishment at best.

    An oppressive spirit,
    the heavy eyes.
    A world of slumber,
    delusional lies.

    My body becomes frail,
    I lose control.
    I lie limp,
    my heartless soul.

    Confused and disoriented,
    My body lies me to sleep.
    I've sewed too much,
    now I'm too tired to reap.

    Damn my flesh,
    this flesh like a cross.
    Half of myself,
    it's my own loss.

    Can't pull myself up,
    can't stay awake.
    Can't fight hard enough,
    not even for my sake.

    My head falls,
    a battle lost.
    I fall asleep,
    at a dreadful cost.

    I rub my face,
    but my body grows weak.
    A cursed body,
    an escape I seek.

    Look at me,
    failing my God.
    Am I so weak,
    that I require a prod?

    How can I be tired,
    I have the youth of a boy?
    Cannot even save myself,
    I only can destroy.

    As if I had been enchanted,
    by all the peace of the air.
    Why do I embarrass myself?
    slumber draws a stare.

    I try to stay awake,
    I rub my face.
    I try to stay awake,
    and start to pace.

    Broken inside,
    try to construct.
    I am helpless,
    helpless as I self destruct.