• Now when he came for a visit,
    i couldn't help but wish that,
    you tell him,
    who you are tonight.

    so i can write,
    write, write, for,
    for my book,
    you are the star.

    be the man, i truly,
    know that you are,
    cause i need to meet that deadline
    for the story.

    so now it's time,
    time, time, you,
    believed it.
    you, can't, can't,
    sleep anymore.

    so now your just sitting here,
    winning here,
    thinking over the truth.
    you run a hand through your snow-white hair.

    this one is for yaoi fantasies,
    i must protest,
    that you must tell him,
    your inner secret.

    finally you gasp out the words.
    shocked silence.
    you slowly cry cause,
    you think he's rejecting the truth.

    then he takes your hand,
    leads you to the room,
    i steathly sneak in after you,
    watching the action unfold,

    i quietly write,
    take notes,
    then giggle.
    they took notice......

    "DO YOU MIND?!"