• all that is and all that will never be
    still fails to succeed
    and feed the hand that is in need
    but failure is to be bred
    from that on which love was led
    to the door of despair
    and losing ones air
    the air, ripped from the chest of the lover
    that thought he could fly but it was merely a hover
    a quick oversight on life and its emotions
    the thoughts are ideas waving in an ocean
    and ocean of imagination claiming to be ever so free
    as if it actually had a slight chance to meet with me,
    but sadly yet not known, already it has
    both of us not knowing kneeling at mass
    praying to who we pray to, praying to something
    something that is supposed to be there
    but has shown no proof of helping in the despair
    the struggles, the pain the madness of life
    all cannot simply be strung out by strife
    it is but a word or a thought that explains who we are
    but yet such a hard question can be answered by simple and far
    simple and far people or minds that lurk in the space
    the space that everyone only stares into
    the space that is cracked by a simple finger snap
    and as the finger snaps a back cracks
    bones begin to crumble as we fall on our knees
    and look into the mirrored glass to see what we see
    but what is it we see?
    do i see you or you see me?
    how about all the ideas and parts that lie inbetween?
    all just left there
    screw the middle man, lets cut to the chase and make out a plan
    figure out what we do and why we do it
    then find it annoying and begin to shoo it
    the idea of love
    loving love
    loveing those that bring so called love
    but only hoping that those who bring love feel love back
    and hearing the snap and crack once again of the things that crumble, of the things that fall,
    down to our knees once again and begin to crawl
    searching wandering looking for safety
    only to find that there has been no such place around lately...
    there is no safety there is no trust
    but do what we do and do as we must
    toy soldiers in the war we call love
    dying over and over again, death seen by doves
    doves that represent what is and all that will ever be
    this is what i see, like a symphony, a melody, a song of the doves
    being heard from the sky and all that loves
    this is what i see, blood sadness, joy and happiness
    smiles are on the face, but simply tilt the head to see the frown
    of the loved one you thought you loved and had set upon a throne with a cepter and crown
    royalty no more crash down the chair
    watch watch watch, stare
    all that has been and all that will ever be...
    this is what i see,
    please dont take this away from me....