• Music is a echo,
    An echo from within oneself,
    An echo written on paper,
    An echo of emotion,

    Music is a call,
    A call of past times,
    A call of the future,
    A call of Heaven,

    Music is an inspiration,
    An inspiration of sadness,
    Of recollection,
    Of joyus times,

    Music is a language,
    Only some can master its tongue,
    Only some can understand it,
    Only some can play it back,

    Music is the world,
    It connects us all,
    It creates a sense of harmony,
    If we didn't have music,
    We wouldn't be as smart of a world as we are today,

    Without sound we cannot speak,
    we cannot hear,
    we cannot communicate,
    But, overall, overall...

    Without music, life is lost.