• When all hopes were due to failure,
    There was only one I could call on,
    One who would answer,
    Yes, he's invisible, but he listens.
    No, he's not fake, he isn't a figment of my imagination either.
    He's real, and I know it.
    Taken back by the critics, I didn't know what to believe.
    My religion scarred them, as I wore it on my sleeve.
    Another hypocritical Christian, they might say.
    But, I'm not, and i've made that pretty clear.
    Ridicule me you may, for "talking to myself".
    But if you hear me carefully, we're having a great conversation.
    God and I.
    He listens, and talks back.
    He's like that friend, I've never had,
    That parent, that's never there,
    That boyfriend, who wants only one thing,
    That cousin, who thinks of me, as dirt.
    But, I know one thing, God loves me.
    When all hopes were due to failure,
    I called on God. 3nodding